Key Stage Three (KS3)

For each subject your child studies they will be placed into a Pathway based on their ability and prior attainment. We encourage all students to work hard and to try and work beyond their pathway into the next. When it is appropriate a pathway for a child will be adjusted.

The planning of the curriculum and of assessment in each subject area is based on the principles of teaching mastery. Subject schemes of work are written and guided by establishing what excellence (the Advanced Pathway) looks like at the end of Y11 and then planning backwards into Y7. Each subject area identifies the core knowledge and skills that students will need to master in order to be successful at GCSE and beyond. Through effective teaching we encourage all students to try and master their subjects and strive for excellence. Whilst subjects may choose to use the Pathways and/or grades in lessons with students to motivate them, the main emphasis in our system is to provide effective, formative feedback to students; this emphasis on feedback is to enable our students to develop and master the skills in each subject to the best of their ability.