Literacy Focused Marking

The specific details of how literacy should be marked in each subject area are specified by each subject/faculty marking policy.

Teachers are encouraged, when appropriate, to comment on spelling, punctuation and grammar. Teachers are also encouraged to use strategies that encourage students themselves to identify SPG errors and self-correct accordingly.

The following whole school literacy codes are available for Faculties to adopt into their own policies where applicable.

CL       Capital letter

Sp       Spelling Error

//          New Paragraph

Guidelines for marking written work include:

  • Teachers underline the mistakes and use the relevant symbols in the margin to indicate that there is something to be corrected on that line.
  • When appropriate in a subject; when there are basic grammatical errors these should be underlined and corrected by teachers.

Discretion should be used by teachers when marking for literacy. For example, with less able students it may be more appropriate to mark only small sections of their written work for accuracy – too many alterations could undermine confidence.

Development of Oracy Skills

The development of oracy is recognised as a key tool that should be used to encourage greater levels of literacy. Faculties are encouraged to consider using ‘structured talk’ as a tool for encouraging pupils to articulate key concepts and ideas prior to articulating them on paper. Staff should also encourage students to answer in complete, grammatically standard utterances.

Green Pen Marking

Green Pen marking is a useful tool that can be used by teachers to reinforce basic Literacy skills and involve the students themselves in the editing and marking of their own work. Prior to marking a piece of work, teachers are encouraged to get their students to proof read their written work and correct any errors using a green pen. Alternatively, when students get their books back, students can then be encouraged to find their mistakes and correct them. Teachers may also pose questions to students in the work which the students then respond to. Less able students can green-pen their work, but sometimes may need to be given a specific focus for their editing.