Attending Virtual Events

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic we have been unable to host our parents’ evenings for each of our year groups in school as well as other face to face events. We are however able to allow parents of students the opportunity to speak to their child’s teachers remotely in a virtual meeting when necessary. Our school uses the School Cloud system to facilitate such meetings and you may receive an invitation to attend such an event. To learn more about this please see the following information below.

Booking an Appointment

You will receive information allowing you to make a booking with your child’s form tutor (and in some cases another member of staff). The email will have the name of your child in the title as shown in the image below (you may have to check your Spam / Junk mail folder on your email account).

Please Note: You will need the information in the letter that you have received by email to begin the process of booking appointments.

If you are displayed with an option by your email provider to mark the email as not spam it is highly advised to do so in order to receive any future emails directly to your Inbox from the Parent Evening system. See below for an example.


Example of Parent invite email within a Gmail account presenting the option to mark this and all future email as not spam. 

Within the email is a code which you need to access the system and book an appointment at a time convenient to you.

For further instructions on how to book an appointment  please read the available quick start user guide:

Attending the Event

To access School Cloud click here.

To attend your appointment you will need (as a minimum):

  • A device with a microphone and speaker
  • A compatible web browser*

To be able to make a  video call you need to have:

  • A device with a microphone and speaker
  • A compatible web browser*

*Compatible web browser Google Chrome or Firefox. Safari for iOS is currently unsupported.

Above is a video provided by School Cloud which shows you how to log in to book, and later attend, video appointments for your child’s Parents Evening.

We also recommend:

  • Using your smartphone or tablet for video appointments. If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet with a front-facing camera, use a laptop or computer with a webcam.
  • Using a headset (or earphones with a microphone) to reduce echo