Useful Links for Students

Office 365 (Log-on using your school e-mail address and password)
Show My Homework (Log-on using Office 365 (same as your school e-mail address* and password))

To access your school e-mail account click the following link

Staff & Student e-Mail (Microsoft Office 365)

use this link to send & receive new messages after 3:15pm Monday 16 July 2018


To access your archived mail in the previous mail system:

Staff & Student e-Mail (MDaemon)

Note this is for archived message lookup only – do NOT send new mail from this system after 3:00pm Monday 16 July 2018

Fred Longworth High School on iTunes U

** You can use Office 365 (or your own copy of Microsoft Office if you have one) to do work at home and save or send documents to school. Note the web versions of Office 365 do not offer the full capabilities of the main Office programs but will normally be more than sufficient for the tasks set in school.

You can:

  • Save these documents to your Office 365 ‘OneDrive’ and then retreive a copy when in school and save it to your school folders
  • Send the document(s) by e-mail to your school e-mail account (or another address given by your teacher when setting the homework).

All you need for Office 365 is an internet connected computer or device (use your school e-mail address* and password to log-on) and a compatible web browser or the Office 365 Apps. Office 365 is provided under the school licence and does not cost you anything.

* Your school e-mail address is your normal school network log-on ID followed by

For more information on using your computer and software for homework, click here.