2021 Admissions Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a place for my child at ‘Freddies’?

The over-subscription criteria is explained on the Wigan LA website, under admissions to secondary school. This is also on our website here. Every year for the last five years we have been over-subscribed.

When is the deadline for applications?

You have until 31st October to apply for a place at the school. This is done via the Admissions Portal on the Wigan Council website Admissions Portal

Are students taught in sets or mixed ability teaching groups?

Due to the Covid crisis, all classes in Y7 are currently being taught in form groups to maintain form group bubbles; however, in normal circumstances students are taught in ability sets for English, Maths and Science and mixed ability groups for all other subjects.

What are the class/classroom sizes like?

Our average class size is 26 but can vary depending on the subject and whether it is a practical subject or not. We have classrooms of a varied size and shape and are currently building a brand new Maths & English block which will have standard sized classrooms and will create an excellent learning environment for our students.

When do students take their options?

Students will take their options in Year 9, ready to start their GCSEs in Year 10.

How many options choices do students have?

Students must study English, Maths and Science. They then have four option choices, at least one of these must be an Ebacc subject (History or Geography, a Modern Foreign Language, Computer Science).

I have heard that Fred Longworth High School has a strong reputation for the Arts. What does this mean for my child?

The school has excellent provision for all Arts subjects. Our facilities include 3 fully equipped Drama studios, 4 music classrooms and a state of the art recording studio, numerous practice rooms, a dance studio and a vibrant visual Arts block, which is well equipped to teach a range of visual Arts subjects including photography. We encourage all students to participate in various arts programmes, not just within the curriculum but as extra- curricular activities as well.

My child is not really interested in the Arts, what else is on offer?

The school also has excellent sporting facilities allowing students to participate in a range of different sporting and fitness activities. We have numerous teams in a range of sport with regular fixtures in local school leagues. We have a well-equipped Technology area, which allows students to develop a range of skills; for example our construction area allows students to develop skills such as bricklaying. The school has also developed an extensive garden, which is used for a range of activities for example, the Food Technology Department use to it to cultivate their own ingredients, the Science club is studying the wildlife that inhabits the pond.

What school trips are available?

We usually run a Year 7 trip to Winmarleigh Hall and this is an excellent opportunity for the students to bond and learn all about the Freddies’ ethos. Other trips include Spain & Disney, Paris, The Netherlands, Battlefields Tour, Coniston, Music and Theatre Trips and Sporting Events.

Do GCSEs still have a large coursework element to them?

Not anymore. In recent years the examinations system has been extensively reformed, which means very few GCSEs now contain a coursework option. We still offer a large number of vocational subjects here at Fred Longworth, these courses do retain a coursework element.

For further information about the curriculum at Fred Longworth High School click here.

Are students tested when they enter the school in Y7?

Yes, Students take what are known as CATS tests (Cognitive Ability Tests) and Reading Tests. This provides us with useful benchmark information, which is supplementary to the tests taken in primary school. We use all of this information to set students and to plan appropriate academic support

What input do Year 6 teachers have in the transition to secondary school?

They have extensive input. We talk with all the Year 6 teachers about each child, this provides us with valuable information, which we the use to make the transition as smooth as possible. Form groups are carefully created with the help of Year 6 staff, and our aim is for all students to be placed into forms with friends.

Does the school have a library?

Yes, the school has an extensive library, which is staffed by a librarian who is on-hand to guide students with their reading.

Does the school run any homework or study clubs?

Yes, from 3pm to 4pm every night and they are well attended. Current restrictions mean that the homework club is only running for Y7 and Y8 but under normal circumstances, homework clubs run for all year groups. The clubs are fully staffed to provide additional support for students with their work.

Do students receive homework?

Yes regular homework. Each subject has carefully planned homework activities, which are integrated into their curriculum plans. From the onset in Y7, we encourage students to develop strong study habits.

What are GCSE results like in the school?

GCSE results are good and outcomes are improving year on year.   We have a strong tradition of success in The Arts subjects and excellent academic performance in a range of subjects.

Who will be my child’s Form Tutor and Head of Year?

Each year group is led by a non-teaching Head of Year, who takes the children through from Year 7 to Year 11. This enables the Head of Year to get to know the students extremely well. Next year the Head of Year for Year 7 will be Mrs Hyslop, who is an experienced Head of Year. Form tutors also stay with their form through from Year 7 to Year 11. This is a key part of the ‘Freddies family’ ethos.

Does bullying exist at Freddies?

At Freddies the family ethos and caring nature of our staff and students is a key part of our ethos. We have experienced very small numbers of bullying incidents, which have been dealt with appropriately by our strong pastoral team. Bullying exists in all schools; the key is what the school does to prevent and educate students about bullying and its impact and how any issues are dealt with. Students regularly tell us that they feel very safe at our school, and parents also report this via the surveys that we use.

What is student behaviour like at Freddies?

Behaviour in lessons is outstanding – this is as a result of a consistent approach to dealing with students and our relentless approach to high standards.

Do you have an Inclusion Centre?

Yes – this has been in place now for 4 years, and the centre works with all students offering literacy, numeracy, social, behavioural and emotional support.  Mentoring, one to one guidance, support for transition and nurture group work also takes place in the centre.