On-Line Reporting (SIMS Learning Gateway)

About our On-Line Reporting System

You’ll be able to see term reports, attendance and behaviour details and other general details for each of your children. More student information will be available later on. At the end of each academic year we’ll leave the final year report on-line so that as students move through school you’ll be able to look back and compare results and progression.

You can’t change any data, other than your password and secret question / answer, so if you click around and find you get a little lost, just remember to click the “My Children Dashboard” link on the left hand menu panel. Some links currently don’t display any extended data other than already shown on the summary pages, we’ll be enhancing this later as the system is due updates throughout the year.

Everything is secure and can be used in most web browsers and on Windows, Mac or Linux PC’s. You’ll just need to have a “PDF Reader” (free) installed to view reports. You do not have to have any “Office” software installed.

For those of you who didn’t send back your account request form, if you still have it, then complete and return it as soon as possible. We’ll endeavour to set your account up as soon as we can. If you’ve mislaid or otherwise not dealt with the form then you can find another version on this website which you can download, complete and return to school.

It is anticipated that on-line reporting will replace paper versions in time, so if you do have internet access and have not registered or have previously said “no thanks”, then you can apply or reapply at any time by downloading the form off our web site and returning it to school.

If you want to have the On-Line Reporting site open whilst reading these pages then you can click here to access the sign on page in a new browser window.