School Council / Student Voice

At Fred Longworth every student votes for members of their form who will represent them on the Student Council. Each form is represented by 2 students who sit on a Year Council. That means that at least 100 students represent their peers on matters that are important to them. Each Year Council nominates 2 students to represent their year group on the School Council. The School Council is joined by the Head Boy and Girl as well as other senior students when needed.

The best way to describe the work of the Student Council is in the words of its members. These are a few of the quotes from all Year Groups to describe what the Student Council means to them:

“The school council is important as it means students’ opinions can be heard and they are listened to”
“One of the best things about being on the council is when things you have mentioned get corrected/changed for the better”
“Other students feel more comfortable sharing their ideas and concerns with the council reps to be discussed as they are not confident to go straight to a senior teacher, it gives those students a voice”
“School Council is more than sitting around a table and talking about all the problems in school.  We’re trying to make changes to make the school a better place for students”
“It’s about putting the students’ voice forward.  We know and understand how students feel as we represent the student perspective”
“The School Council makes the school a better place by discussing issues that students would like to change and improve”
“The School Council’s input is considered and acted upon and has influenced improvements to the buildings and facilities both in school and within the local community, such as the input into the Kings Centre”
“School Council representatives play an active part in appointing new members of staff”
“Being a member of the School Council helps develop your confidence, decision making skills and your ability to work in a team and with different people”


Freddies Focus for Students

This is a weekly publication led by Head Boy and Head Girl with student input from across the year groups.  It is emailed to all staff and students every Friday and can be accessed on the school VLE ‘FROG’.  Each week the publication contains a ‘What We Achieved’ and a ‘Where Next?’ section which is taken from student views and opinions that week.  The students who lead ‘Freddie’s Focus’ also advertise anything key for the school community to be aware of and provide a ‘Think About It’ section. They also ask for weekly Head of Year feedback which might motivate Year Groups.

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