Careers Education & Guidance In School

Students access careers education in years 7 – 9 through a programme of careers lessons during form period. This is designed to expose students to a range of different careers, challenge some of the stereotypes around different employment sectors, and provide them with some information about the options after school.

However, in years 10 and 11 students are provided with a much more extensive programme of learning which aims to ensure that they have all the information they need in order to make the right decision for their future.

The following information shows the range of activities we offer throughout years 10 and 11 at Fred Longworth. As a parent/carer of a child, we would encourage you to discuss some of these activities with your child, and use them as a starting point in order to discuss their own ideas for their future.

Year 10

Careers Lessons – (Every 2 weeks)

Your child will access careers lessons in a 2 week cycle. These lessons will provide space for students to think about their future, and to research a range of options. In addition, the lessons will look at financial aspects of higher education and provide relevant up-to-date information about the jobs market.

Year 10 Curriculum Evening (September)

The evening will include a presentation about our careers programme and we will provide information for parents/carers to help their child.

College Open Evenings (September – March)

Students in Year 10 are welcome to attend College open evenings. Further information about the events will be available from the colleges’ websites.

Futures Questionnaire (September)

Students will be asked to complete a questionnaire detailing their ideas about their future. This allows us to make informed decisions about how much support and advice each student needs.

Information Assemblies (Ongoing)

We will ensure that students hear from a wide range of college providers through the school assembly programme.

Careers Guidance Interview (Ongoing)

All students will receive a 1:1 interview with Mrs Charnock to discuss their options.

College Visits (July)

Towards the end of year 10, every student will have the option to attend a college taster day, where they will be able to spend the day sampling lessons and getting a feel for college.

Careers Day (March)

This PHSE day will include workshops from employers and the opportunity for each student to have a mock interview.

Year 11

My Future Conference (October)

Students will attend a conference organised by the school at Leigh Sports Village. This will provide a range of talks and workshops for students to attend. A number of careers advisers will be available for students to have a 1:1 interview on the day.

College Open Evenings (September – March)

All Colleges organise open evenings which students are welcome to attend with their parents/guardians. Students will be informed of these events through lessons. Information about the events is also available from the colleges’ websites.

College Interviews (November – April)

Students applying for college will attend interviews which will be arranged either at the college, or will be held in school.

College Applications Completed (By December)

Students going on to college/sixth form will be expected to complete their application to college by Christmas online via UCAS Progress.

Apprenticeship Advice, Support & Applications (January – May)

Students interested in completing an apprenticeship will receive additional support and advice. Applications for apprenticeships may be completed through Xello.