Helping Your Child to Complete Applications

Applications for Colleges should normally be completed by Christmas of Year 11. We encourage all students to apply for at least 2 colleges – this ensures that they have options depending on their final results.

For students considering applying for an apprenticeship, these applications should be completed by the February half term of Year 11. As the competition for apprenticeship places is very high, we also strongly recommend that students also apply for college, just in case they are unsucessful. This also applies to students applying to join the armed services.

For all college applications and some apprenticeships, we use an online platform called UCAS Progress. This allows students to apply to a range of colleges and training providers, using the same information and personal statement.

We believe UCAS Progress provides the simplest way of applying to colleges/training providers, as students only need to enter their information once into the system – they can then use this information to apply to all the colleges’ that they are interested in. In addition, this system allows key staff to track the progress of the applications to make sure that none of our students are ‘left behind’. Parents are also able to login (using your child’s username and password) so that you can check the progress and quality of the applications and offer support where necessary.

As a parent, you can help by being aware of the deadlines so that you can encourage your child to complete their applications by Christmas time. A video is available at YouTube to guide students/parents through the process of completing online applications. Please also encourage your child to share their personal statement with you and provide guidance if possible.

Some Colleges may encourage you to fill in paper applications at their open evenings – although we encourage you to use UCAS Progress for the reasons explained, if you do decide to complete a form please just ask your child to inform Mr Ainscough or Mrs Charnock so that they are aware of the application.

Students will receive their login details in the September of Year 11.  Please make a note of their username and password in a safe place.