Online Payments and Cashless Catering

Download and use the new WisePay App for iOS or Android

We operate a cashless canteen system. This means no money passes through the tills.

Students can add money to their accounts in two ways:

  1. Using secure re-valuation units located around school.
  2. Using online payments system – whereby parents add money over the internet to their child’s school food account.

Both systems are safe and secure and significantly cut queuing times in Freddie’s Bistro.

  • When students credit funds to the catering system via the cash terminals in school, the funds are immediately available for use. (Sometimes, they may not appear in the available balance via on-line access until after the close of business that day).
  • When parents credit funds to the catering system via the on-line payments system using a debit or credit card, the funds are immediately available for use if the transaction completes.  (Sometimes, the available balance shown on-line may not increase until the student makes their next purchase in the canteen, or following transaction updates which occur at intervals during the day).

There are many benefits to a cashless system including: –

  • The pupils are not carrying cash around all day and the potential for loss is reduced.
  • A maximum daily spend limit can be put on your child’s account to ensure that they only spend an appropriate amount each day. The initial default amount has been set at £5.
  • It provides a considerably quicker service and reduces queues.
  • If you are entitled to free school meals no one is aware of this (the FSM daily allowance is automatically added to the pupil’s account).
  • The system uses biometrics. The system itself involves the capture of Biometric fingerprint data that is securely stored by the school. A scanner is used on the cash loaders and also at the point of sale to recognise the pupil’s account. This data is destroyed when your child leaves the school or when you instruct us to do so.
  • The system can help prevent the consumption of items to which your child is allergic.

The online payments system is operated through Wisepay.

Further information on WisePay can be found in the publicaton “What is WisePay”.