Microsoft Teams

Q: What is Microsoft Teams?

A: Microsoft Teams is an application that allows for video conferencing / audio calls. Since the school closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic our teachers have started teaching students by creating virtual lessons. Students can attend these lessons via Teams and can partake in a lesson environment from their own home.

Q: How much does Microsoft Teams cost and where can I get it from?

A: Microsoft Teams is free to download and is available for PC, Mac, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

You can download Teams for whatever device you wish to use it on from the following links below:

Please refer to the following user guides that have been created that will help you install Microsoft Teams for your device:

Q: How does my child log in to Microsoft Teams?

A: To log in to Microsoft Teams all that you need to do is enter your child’s school e-mail address and password.

Your child’s school e-mail address is their normal school network log-on ID followed by and their password is the password that they use to log on a computer in school.

Q: My child cannot remember their school username or password.

A: Please contact the school’s ICT Support department who will be able assist you with this issue. To help assist with this matter please ensure that you mention your child’s name and form group.

Q: Can Teams be set up on multiple devices?

A: Yes, you can install and use Teams on multiple devices (such as a computer and a tablet) using the same logon.

Q: We’ve logged in, now what?

A: Your child when logged in will be displayed with all their classes, these can be located under the menu option titled Teams. Each class in Microsoft Teams is referred to as a Team. Whatever lessons your child has will appear in their list of Teams. By tapping or double clicking on a Team you will then be displayed with information for that class such as any homework resources that the teacher has given out or information about when the next lesson is due to take place.

Q: How can my child get a notification about when a lesson is due to start?

A: When a teacher sets up a lesson they will have sent an invitation out to every member of the class to attend the lesson. Your child will need to accept the lesson invitation from the teacher which will then put an appointment in your child’s calendar. To do this it is advised that your child uses Microsoft Outlook. If installed on their smartphone Microsoft Outlook will then send a reminder to your child to attend the lesson prior to it beginning, all they need to do is tap on the invitation and Teams will then load up the meeting.

If you plan on using Microsoft Teams on a computer you will receive an alert through Teams (providing it is logged in before the lesson is due to start) but for added coverage it is advised to install and configure Microsoft Outlook on their smartphone or tablet so that they still receive a notification direct to their device.

For information on how to install Microsoft Outlook on a smartphone or tablet please consult the following webpage (opens in new tab within your browser):

Once done please refer to the following user guides below which explains how to accept and how to join a Microsoft Teams meeting:

Q: What else can we do with Teams?

A: Teams is a really good way of keeping in touch with teachers. Students can send a message to their teacher to ask them a question about their homework or even send them their work on it. Teachers can then respond back.

Please refer to the following user guide below which explains how to communicate with a teacher using Microsoft Teams:

  • How to send a message to a teacher / submit work using Microsoft Teams

Q: I’ve noticed some students have been sending inappropriate messages on Teams. Who do I report this to?

A: Please pass on any concerns you have to the relevant head of year who will then investigate the issue. All incidents of misuse are taken seriously and any students found abusing the system will be disciplined.

The heads of year are (as of May 2020):

Mrs J Killey – Head of Year 11 – E-mail:

Mrs A Hyslop – Head of Year 10 – E-mail:

Mrs K Regan – Head of Year 9 – E-mail:

Mr A Fallows – Head of Year 8 – E-mail:

Mrs J Brook – Head of Year 7 – E-mail:

The following support documentation above are provided in PDF format and will open on most computers, tablets and smartphones without the need for additional software, but if you need to download a reader follow this link (computers only) or on tablets and smartphones use the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores.