Office 365 / School E-mail

Q: I cannot log in to my School e-mail / Office 365. 

A: Your username and password are the same for both your school e-mail and Office 365. Your username is your normal school network log-on ID followed by and your password is the password which you use every day to log on a computer in school.

Please see the following user guide below which will help you to log in your school e-mail using a computer:

Q: I don’t have Office on my home computer or tablet / smartphone

A: As a student of Fred Longworth High School you are entitled to download and install a copy of Microsoft Office* for free as part of the school’s licensing agreement with Microsoft, please click here for more information on how to download a copy for your computer. In addition you can also download Microsoft Office applications for your tablet or smartphone (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Sway^, OneNote, OneDrive, Teams) for free. Please click here for more details on downloading and installing Office Apps for your mobile device. All you need to do is open up each App downloaded and when prompted sign in with your school email account and password to register and activate the features of the software.

Note: When you are no longer enrolled as a student at this school the features are deactivated but the software can be reactivated if you move onto another school, college or educational establishment which operate the same licensing terms with Microsoft or you purchase your own Office 365 subscription.

*Access is only available for computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems. It is also not available to download on mobile devices.

^Microsoft Sway is not available for both Android and iOS devices. To use Microsoft Sway please visit on your mobile device and sign in with your school Office 365 account.

Q: I am using a different computer / tablet / smartphone to do my work and have already installed Office. Can I install it on here?

A: Yes you can. You are allowed to install Microsoft Office and any App’s on up to five devices.

Note: The same restrictions regarding activation when being a student still applies. See the previous question for more information.

Q: Can I set up my school e-mail account on my tablet / smartphone?

A: Yes you can. Please click here to consult the following page on our website for more information.