Using a Computer to do Homework

For students who have access to a computer at home please see the following tips below.

Q: I have a computer but do not have any of the programs that the school want me to use.

A: As an enrolled student at Fred Longworth High School as part of the schools Microsoft Licensing Agreement, each student is entitled to download and install for free a copy of Microsoft Office on a computer or the App’s on mobile devices. Software can be downloaded and installed on up to five devices (including computers).

Please click here for more information on how to download and install a free copy of Microsoft Office on your computer (for both Apple MacOSX and Microsoft Windows) and click here for more information on how to download Microsoft Office App’s to your mobile devices.

In addition you can also use Satchel One (previously called Show My Homework) on your computer. All you need is a web browser with access to the Internet. To access Satchel One visit and under Login click on the option button that says ‘Student’. Next, click on the button underneath the section ‘Or log in with’ that says

 A pop up box will then appear. In the username field enter your school e-mail address and password*. 

Click on the Login button. Show My Homework will then log in.

*Your school e-mail address is your normal school network log-on ID followed by

For more questions on Satchel One please click here.

Your teachers may also occasionally provide you with some work or resources either on this website or on Satchel One that are in PDF format. PDF is a document type that will open on most computers without the need for additional software, but if you need to download a reader follow this link.

Q: What other software does the school use? 

A: Please follow this link to read what additional software you can download for your computer to help with your studies from home.

Q: When I log in to Satchel One on a computer I get a blank screen and nothing is there.

A: This can happen when you are using an incompatible or out of date web browser. To resolve this issue please download a copy of Google Chrome for free from the following: