Maths – Spring Term

Below are resources that have been provided to aid your children with their Maths studies from home during the Spring Term.

Home Learning Booklets

KS3 (Y7 / Y8)


Foundation Tier (Y9 / Y10)

Higher Tier (Y9 / Y10)

Please note:
 Some answer booklets have been split into pages due to their size. The page numbers of these do not correspond with the pages in the Learning Booklets.

Additional Tasks

The following list activity tasks that can be undertaken including any additional resources that are needed to perform such tasks. Reward points can be given for completing these tasks.

The resources above are provided in PDF format and will open on most computers, tablets and smartphones without the need for additional software, but if you need to download a reader follow this link (computers only) or on tablets and smartphones use the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores.