Early Days for Distance Learning

Your children will hopefully now be settling into a work routine, tackling the work set for them by their teachers on Show My Homework. This is brand new to us all as we really are living in unprecedented times, and there are bound to be questions or concerns. I would ask that students use the facility to contact their teachers by email if they are struggling in any way with the work. This should be done during school hours and teachers will get back to students as quickly as they are able.

As I stated in the original closure letter, your child should, when possible, follow the pattern of their normal school timetable. Work set by teachers will arrive at all sorts of times but no one is expecting it to be tackled immediately. Simply following the timetable pattern with regular breaks to break up the learning will help to provide a sense of structure. Teachers have to assign deadlines in order to publish the work on Show My Homework, but they will not expect students to meet these deadlines if students are working at a slower rate. Everybody recognises that these are not normal times and teachers will work with students to make sure that they are able to overcome any problems they may have.

In the meantime, I thought that the following tips from a parent who also happens to be a teacher might prove helpful in these bizarre circumstances:

Tip Number 1: If you don’t feel normal and in control at the moment then that’s normal.

Tip Number 2: This is distance learning and only you can ultimately take control of how your child copes with this in the home. You’re in charge, you know best, so go for it!

I thought that this sums up the situation beautifully. You know your child best and there will be times when you feel that your child can’t meet a set deadline. We recognise that these are stressful times for all and it is, of course, important that we get through this together. It’s important to remember that your child won’t be at a disadvantage by being left behind in their learning because this situation is affecting ALL children across the country.

I understand that some Year 11 students who have applied to colleges have been set some “bridging work” by their chosen colleges. This will be very useful and should help to keep Year 11 students firmly focussed on their bright futures.

Finally for now, keep safe and look after one another