Mathematics and the ability to be numerate are skills that are a necessity for life. The Faculty aims to provide and develop these skills. This is done in an environment which not only is friendly as well as within disciplined boundaries but also in an atmosphere that allows students to reach their potential irrespective of their starting point.

Teaching Staff

  • Miss E Gibbons(Curriculum Leader)
  • Mr J McHugh – (2nd in Department)
  • Mrs E Fieldhouse – (Teacher of Mathematics)
  • Mrs C Hilton – (Teacher of Mathematics)
  • Mrs F Taylor – (Teacher of Mathematics)
  • Mrs K Heywood – (Teacher of Mathematics)
  • Mr M Steventon – (Teacher of Mathematics)
  • Mr S Adamson – (Teacher of Mathematics)
  • Miss H Smith – (Teacher of Mathematics)
  • Miss C Rea – (Teaching & Learning Lead)

Technicians and Support Staff

  • Mrs K Whitfield – (HLTA Mathematics)


  • GCSE Mathematics (Edexcel)


GCSE is a pre-requisite for almost any job such as Finance / Science / Engineering etc.

Maths is largely taught through a practical approach whereby all children are encouraged to participate.  During the mental / oral part of each lesson children are encouraged to calculate the answers and problems and explain their methods to others.  This way the students will have access to a variety of techniques and can use the ones that give them the most success.

A variety of teaching resources are available in school.  We use our own personalised schemes of learning at Key Stage 3, differentiated to suit each learner’s needs and levels.  We will always endeavour to find the best material possible to teach a particular point.  This may initially take the form of a game or practical task, followed by written work from worksheets.  Sometimes group activities are used or even ICT based learning on the Interactive Whiteboard or IT suite.

At Key Stage 4, we follow the edexcel linear course and schemes of learning.  All students are entered for GCSE Mathematics.