Physical Education


The study of Physical Education helps students to become more aware of healthy and active lifestyles, participants have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sporting activities in a competitive situation as individuals and in a team environment.

The Faculty aims to provide the students with an environment that fosters the team ethic and the strong working ethos needed to prepare them for the challenges ahead. We achieve this by promoting a disciplined yet enjoyable working atmosphere that allows students to reach their potential no matter what the challenge is.

The expectation is that all students bring their PE kit to every lesson, even if that student is injured or suffering from illness. Within PE there are several roles which students can participate in other than performance e.g. Officiating, Leadership, Coaching or Video Analyst. At Fred Longworth High School we feel it is very important that all students look part of the team and therefore are wearing their PE kit for lessons.

In extreme circumstances where medical evidence is presented the PE Faculty will not insist on this rule, this decision will be made on an individual case basis.

The PE Faculty has excellent levels of participation and student feedback on PE lessons is very positive.


Students take part in 2 one hour lessons per week and can access a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

Teaching Staff

  • Mr I Gregory – (Head of Faculty)
  • Mrs L Gregory – (Head of KS4)
  • Mr S Rigby – (Head of KS3)
  • Mr J Cannon – (Teacher of P.E.)
  • Mr J Whalley – (Teacher of P.E. & member of Senior Leadership Team)
  • Mrs L Donnelly – (Teacher of P.E.)
  • Mr C Nuttall – (Teacher of P.E.)

Technicians and Support Staff

  • Mrs B Wild – (P.E. Administrative Assistant)


  • GCSE P.E. (Edexcel)
  • Edexcel Level 2 BTEC Sport 1st Award


Students leaving school continue their learning path of Physical Education to College and University. Learning Physical Education can provide many opportunities as a career. Including teaching, coaching, physiotherapy, psychology, nutritionist, leisure and Tourism, Public services etc…

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