Resource Centre

The Resource Centre houses a wide range of facilities in addition to the main library. These include a fully equipped IT suite with full multimedia capabilities, reprographic facilities for both staff and students and a large bank of other non-book resources. One daily newspaper, The Telegraph and one weekly newspaper, First News are taken along with a range of other magazines and periodicals.

The main Library area has sufficient work-tables and chairs for approximately 60 students, a computer area which can seat 30 students and a quiet reading corner with 10 easy chairs which is proving very popular. The Library is protected by a security system to reduce loss of stock.

The area is staffed by a full-time Resource Centre Manager supported at break and lunchtimes by a team of student librarians.

The computerised Library Management system allows for an efficient service and the Library catalogue is now accessible via the Intranet from any computer in school.


The Resource Centre has a key role to play in the development throughout the school of cross-curricular, independent study, enabling students to become confident, competent information handlers and learners. It should support teaching and learning by providing a varied and appropriate range of material and be suitably stocked to enhance and extend classroom teaching.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide a comfortable and attractive working environment.
  • To provide material that will satisfy curriculum, pastoral and recreational needs
  • To promote, in staff and students alike, an awareness of the value of the Resource Centre as a whole-school resource.
  • To develop student’s research skills, enabling them to locate, retrieve and evaluate information effectively from books and other sources, including electronically-stored information.
  • To raise standards of literacy through encouraging students to gain a love and enjoyment of books and reading.
  • To enable individual or group research during lesson time.
  • To provide a quiet, well-appointed area for individual study.
  • To act as a gateway to external sources of information (including ICT based information such as the Internet).

Resource Centre – Open Access Policy

For some time now, the Resource Centre has adopted an open access policy to promote flexible, individual learning across the Curriculum.

On the whole, the policy seems to work well, with manageable numbers of students being involved in meaningful research throughout the day, including time before school, during breaks and lunchtimes and after school, as well as in normal lesson times. A booking system is in force for classes wishing to use the computers.

Loans Service

The Library Resource Centre provides a loan service consisting of a two week loan period to students and staff. Flexible loan arrangements will be used to maximise the use of stock dependant on curriculum demand. In order to meet the changing requirements of different categories of borrower and to maximise the use of resources, borrowing rights will be differentiated by category and will be subject to regular review.

Although it will be necessary to treat some items of stock as reference materials, in order to provide maximum benefit to students and staff, the reference status will be used as minimally as is practically possible.

Renaissance Reading Programme (Accelerated Reader)

Currently targeting the Y7 students, Accelerated Reader’s advanced technology helps us to personalize reading practice to each student’s current level therefore making it more effective for every student (see link to Renaissance Reading for more information).

Renaissance Learning provides an Accelerated Reader programme which uses advanced technology to personalize reading practice to each student’s current level therefore making reading practice more effective for every student.

Each Year 7 student has taken an on-line reading test to assess their reading level. This enables them to choose books at their appropriate reading levels and read them at their own pace. After completing the book the student takes a short quiz. There are three types of quizzes we will use: Reading Practice, Vocabulary Practice and Literacy Skill Quizzes. These are designed to assess the students’ reading and vocabulary growth. This also gives us immediate feedback on the progress of each student.

You can also access this information with Home Connect (speak to the Resource Centre Manager for login details). By logging on from home students and parents can:

  • See overall progress.
  • Review the student’s quiz results.
  • View the number of books read, words read, and quizzes passed.
  • Find books of interest and at the right level that have Accelerated Reader Quizzes via AR BookFinder.