The Science Faculty is housed in its own self-contained block and consists of 9 wet laboratories, a computer suite and 3 prep rooms.

Each laboratory has a white board, SMART® Board and is fully equipped for practical work. The computer suite contains 30 flat screen computers and there are a class set of laptops available upon request. Our prep rooms are extremely well resourced with practical equipment for many Biology, Chemistry and Physics experiments.

We boast a staff of 10 full time Teaching staff, 2 full time Science Technicians, an administration assistant and a Science teaching assistant.


Science offers students a chance to explore and investigate the world around them and gain an understanding of the scientific processes that occur in industry, in nature and even inside their own bodies.

At Key Stage 3 the students will learn a combination of biology, chemistry and physics. These disciplines are taught in discreet topics and at the end of each topic the students complete a short test to assess their progress.

At Key Stage 4 the students will complete a GCSE in up to 3 Science subjects or they will complete the Cambridge Nationals Award. They are taught all three disciplines and complete a GCSE examination on each one. The students also complete controlled assessments in KS4 and learn the skills needed to do this.

Teaching Staff

Mr B McPhail, Head of Faculty
Mrs S Jones, KS4 Co-ordinator
Mrs A Roberts, KS3 Co-ordinator
Mrs G Dobson, Leading Practitioner and Specialist Leader in Education
Mrs R Edwards, Teacher of Science
Mr M Dunning, Teacher of Science
Mrs J Coyle, Teacher of Science
Miss V Anderson, Teacher of Science
Mr A Pendlebury, Teacher of Science
Mrs A Green, Teacher of Science
Mr P Madigan, Teacher of Science
Miss L Downey, Teacher of Science

Technicians and Support Staff

Mrs P Mulcrow, Senior Science Technician
Ms A Lindsay, Science Technician
Mrs B Wild, Science Administrative Assistant


  • GCSE Biology (AQA)
  • GCSE Chemistry (AQA)
  • GCSE Physics (AQA)
  • GCSE Trilogy Science (AQA)


FE / HE course providers and employers hold a Science qualification in high regard. It is therefore an important addition to your CV wherever you want to go next. Science also promotes good literacy and numeracy skills, which are essential whether you go on to college or straight into employment.