Curriculum Plan – Graphic Design

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Year / Term




Year 9


Students will be introduced to the course via a series of
creative tasks that aim to encourage students to think creatively, understand the importance of being a proactive and independent student and explore their
own personal tastes and interests.

Students will begin to understand how to use research as an effective tool to enhance their ability to produce original and inventive outcomes. Students will begin to take influence from their research through a
series of student led tasks. Students will also understand the importance of effective presentation skills.

Students will produce a final response that showcases
their strengths, interests and creative understanding.

Students will research and explore different exhibition
methods. Students will be required to organise and exhibit their work.

Year 10

Unit 1: Students will begin to analyse and interpret the
different aesthetic and technical components of Graphic Design. They will
begin to create links/associations with an appropriate range of visual elements. This will then be enhanced with a range of thorough experiments across a diverse range of various processes, methods and materials. A final evaluation
will then summarise the visual impact and relevance of the work produced.

Unit 2: Students will explore design disciplines, examine the work of recognised designers and use their
understanding of design components to identify successful design practice.
They will choose one discipline, select some work by a recognised designer in
that discipline and create their own piece of graphic design taking inspiration from their research and using components found in the work of their chosen designer.

Unit 3: Students will analyse the requirement of a graphic design brief. They will understand the requirements
and develop some possible ideas to meet the brief. The learner will further develop an idea and present their final graphic design. Finally, the learner will analyse their work and review how they have met the brief.

Year 11

Unit 4: Learners will explore working in the graphic design industry, by researching prospective further  education, employment opportunities. Students will be looking into different ways to present work to understand different types of portfolio. They will then design and create their own portfolio and review how the portfolio presents their skills as a graphic designer.

Exam: Students will receive an externally set exam paper.
They will have approximately 10 days to research, develop and refine their ideas prior to beginning a 10 hour controlled assessment, in which students are required to produce a final outcome based on their chosen interpretation of their exam question.

All coursework will be submitted for marking and