Curriculum Plan – Photography

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Year / Term




Year 9


Students are introduced to the course through a series of short tasks and one off lessons that help to familiarise them with the
software and equipment they will be accessing on the course.

Over the course of two terms, students will explore and
experiment with a rage of photographic techniques. They will learn how to use
research and presentation skills through a number of short projects both individually and as part of small groups.

Students will have the opportunity to learn about and discuss visual culture though photography and film, they will be encouraged to present and discuss their own practice and give feedback to peers.

Year 10

Students will begin their first major project, an extended
piece of photographic study in which they will explore a theme and the work of photographers that will influence their own outcomes. Work will be
presented in a digital format for assessment.

Once the first major project has been submitted students
will be introduced to a range of new photographic and presentation techniques that can be used later in the course. They will continue critical and visual studies through critique sessions.

The second major project will give students a wider choice
of subject matter; they will hone their research skills and gain a stronger grasp of independent learning in preparation for the Externally Set Task.

Year 11

Students have the opportunity to attend the Art & Design residential trip to the Lake District where they can refine their skills.

At school, students will have the opportunity to refine their portfolio ready for submission.

Students will undertake the Externally Set Task (exam)
that makes up 40% of their overall grade.

Students will have around eight weeks to prepare,
experiment and seek guidance from their teacher before completing ten hours
of unaided practice and creating a final outcome.

All coursework will be submitted for marking and