Useful Links for Students

Office 365*

(Log-on using your school e-mail address* and password)


Remote Access for Students

Instructions on how to access work and resources from home

Satchel One*

(Log-on using the ‘Sign-in with Office 365’ option (your details are the same as your school e-mail address* and password))
Office 365

We use Office 365 to log into Satchel One, you can use your school Office 365 email and password to log in.

Visit the login page above or download the app and select ‘Sign in with Office 365’. If you are already signed in to your Office 365 account, you’ll be taken straight into your Satchel One profile. If you are not already signed in, simply enter your email and password in the pop up window to be taken into your account. (Need more help? Click here – opens as PDF)  Having issues? Check out the Satchel One status page.

                         To watch a video tutorial on how to submit your work to Satchel One please click here


(Log-on using the ‘Sign-in with Office 365’ option  (your details are the same as your school e-mail address* and password))

Staff & Student e-Mail*

Reading Plus

Reading Cloud (School Library)*

IT Support Centre

Your place to go if you have a problem with any of the software or applications used by school.

** You can use Office 365 (or your own copy of Microsoft Office if you have one) to do work at home and save or send documents to school. Note the web versions of Office 365 do not offer the full capabilities of the main Office programs (see below for how to obtain the full versions at no cost) but will normally be more than sufficient for the tasks set in school.

You can:

  • Save these documents to your Office 365 ‘OneDrive’ and then retrieve a copy when in school and save it to your school folders
  • Send the document(s) by e-mail to your school e-mail account (or another address given by your teacher when setting the homework).

All you need for Office 365 is an internet connected computer or device (use your school e-mail address* and password to log-on) and a compatible web browser or the Office 365 Apps. Office 365 is provided under the school licence and does not cost you anything.

You can download and install the full copies of Microsoft Office 365 apps onto your preferred device(s) or computers at no cost under the terms of the school licence.  When you sign into Office 365 on the web from your home computer or device you will see the blue ‘Install Office’ button in the top right of the ‘All Apps’ page. To activate the software, you must sign in using your school e-mail and password.  You are entitled to full access to the features of the software for as long as you are a student at Fred Longworth High School.  When you leave the features are deactivated but the software can be reactivated if you move onto another school, college or educational establishment which operate the same licensing terms with Microsoft or you purchase your own Office 365 subscription.

* Your school e-mail address is your normal school network log-on ID followed by


Please see the video linked below which will demonstrate to you the steps that are needed to download and install Office 365.

Note: You will need to sign in to Office365* first to be able to view the video below, click here to sign in.

(Log-on using your school e-mail address* and password)

For more information on using your computer and software for homework, click here.