Computer Software & Homework

Most of the specialist subject specific software used in school will not need to be available at home – homework will not be set that requires this level of specialism on a home computer.

You can use Office 365 (or your own copy of Microsoft Office if you have one) to do work at home and save or send documents to school.  Note the web versions of Office 365 do not offer the full capabilities of the main Office programs (see below for how to obtain the full versions at no cost) but will normally be more than sufficient for the tasks set in school.

You can:

  • Save these documents to your Office 365 ‘OneDrive’ and then retreive a copy when in school and save it to your school folders
  • Send the document(s) by e-mail to your school e-mail account (or another address given by your teacher when setting the homework).

All you need for Office 365 is an internet connected computer or device (use your school e-mail address* and school network password to log-on) and a compatible web browser or the Office 365 Apps.  Office 365 is provided under the school licence and does not cost you anything.

You can download and install the full copies of Microsoft Office 365 apps onto your preferred device(s) or computers at no cost under the terms of the school licence.  When you sign into Office 365 on the web from your home computer or device you will see the blue ‘Install Office’ button in the top right of the ‘All Apps’ page.  To activate the software, you must sign in using your school e-mail and password.  You are entitled to full access to the features of the software for as long as you are a student at Fred Longworth High School.  When you leave the features are deactivated but the software can be reactivated if you move onto another school, college or educational establishment which operate the same licensing terms with Microsoft or you purchase your own Office 365 subscription.

* Your school e-mail address is your normal school network log-on ID followed by

Please see the video linked below which will demonstrate to you the steps that are needed to download and install Office 365.

Note: You will need to sign in to Office365 first to be able to view the video below, click here to sign in.

Provided below are guides to assist you with the process of downloading, installing and registering your free copy of Microsoft Office using your school account.

The guides above are provided in PDF format and will open on most computers, tablets and smartphones without the need for additional software, but if you need to download a reader follow this link (computers only) or on tablets and smartphones use the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores.

We do recommend that you keep your computer up to date so that any work you prepare on it can be easily and safely transferred between home and school and vice-versa.  You can also transfer some small files using your school e-mail account.

Your computer comes pre-installed with a web browser which, along with the operating system, you should keep up to date to minimise security issues.  If you want to install an alternate web browser, you could try the following links (other browsers are available):

You should ensure that you have good Anti Virus software installed and that it is kept up to date. This applies to any operating system, Windows, Mac or Linux. If your subscription to a paid for product has expired your protection will be out of date and your machine and data at risk. We recommend you renew your subscription or replace your product.

There are some free alternatives and, if you currently have no Anti Virus installed, we recommend that you install one now even if it’s only while you consider which package to buy – notes Windows 10 incorporates Microsoft Defender as standard but you can still choose to look at alternatives depending on your requirments.

Windows Anti-Virus Products (Free)

Mac OSX Anti-Virus Products (Free)

The above list is not a recommendation or endorsement, other packages are available (note that some of the ‘free versions for Windows’ mentioned above may also offer MacOS versions). Free products may provide limited functionality and may only work on more recent versions of the operating system on your computer. You should compare products, take advice if in doubt.

Other Free Useful Software:

General Troubleshooting

Basic Broadband should be more than sufficient for accessing our systems from home, however at peak times you may notice some delay in response times if your ISP’s network is congested. You can check out the performance of your broadband connection by visiting “” or other similar sites.

If you find your web pages load slowly or have problems but your speed check is OK, try deleting your browser cache and history files.

Carry out a full Anti Virus scan to make sure your computer is free from Malware which may be affecting performance. If you find anything, you’ll probably need to go through the recommended clean up procedures of your Anti Virus software to restore performance.

Sometimes you may need to fine tune the performance of your computer by removing unnecessary programs loaded at startup. Browser toolbars, especially those you may have been “tricked” into installing, are often the cause of poor internet performance and frequent pop-ups, remove them if you can – keep your browser clean of add-ons.