Using a computer with multiple people

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Do you share your computer with your children? Or do your children share a computer between them?

Most shared computers are accessed using the same account to log in.

There are several disadvantages to sharing a device with just the one account to log in. Here are a few examples:

  • Files can be accidentally deleted / overwritten
  • Files can become lost, mixed up with other peoples
  • Issues can occur logging in to websites

Many support requests received from students when studying at home involve issues logging in to websites (such as Satchel One, school email) when accessing from a computer that they share with other family members where they all access the computer using one account.

We advise that you create multiple login accounts for each user of the computer to avoid issues like the above from frequently occurring.

Creating a user account for your computer is a quick and easy thing to do. Please consult the following guides below which explain how to make another user account for your computer:

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