My child has used all of their Office activations. What can we do?

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If your child has used up all of their five activations when they attempt to register Office or any apps on another device using their school e-mail account you will by told that they cannot sign in with their school e-mail account to activate. Your child will need to sign out of Office and all of its apps on a device they have previously signed in on before they can continue to use Office on another device.

How to Sign out of office on a device

To deregister your childs school e-mail account with a device please see the following videos below:

On a computer (having first signed in to school email account on a web browser):

On a mobile device (smartphone / tablet):




Further documentation

For further information on how to deregister your child’s school email (Office 365) account with a device please see the following below (opens new tab in web browser):

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