How can my child get a notification about when a lesson is due to start?

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When a teacher sets up a lesson they will have sent an invitation out by email to every member of the class to attend the lesson. Your child will need to accept the lesson invitation from the teacher by accessing their school e-mail account which will then put an appointment in your child’s calendar. The best way of doing this is to get your child to set up their school e-mail on their smartphone or tablet by installing the Microsoft Outlook app. With their school e-mail account set up Microsoft Outlook will send an invitation to accept a new lesson and once accepted will then send a reminder to your child to attend the lesson on the day prior to the lesson begining. Prior to the lesson starting all your child will need to do is tap on the appointment and Teams will then load up the lesson (if Teams is installed and configured on the smartphone or tablet). If you plan on using Microsoft Teams on a computer you will receive an alert through Teams (providing it is logged in before the lesson is due to start) but for added coverage it is advised to install and configure Microsoft Outlook on their smartphone or tablet so that they still receive a notification direct to their device. All your child will need to do is then sit at their computer, open up teams and join the lesson. For information on how to install Microsoft Outlook on a smartphone or tablet please consult the following webpage (opens in new tab within your browser):

Once completed please refer to the following user guides below which explains how to accept and how to join a Microsoft Teams meeting:

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