I have my own computer and would like to access my work from home. Can I do this?

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Staff are allowed to access resources from school offsite using their own equipment. Please read the information below for more details.


The school provides remote access to computer systems in accordance with our acceptable use policy.

The following links and documents explain the process for connecting to our systems using a web browser or our secure VPN.  Dependent on the service(s) you wish to access, you may need to install some software for which the download links and instructions are provided.

Please note that whilst accessing our systems remotely you are required to ensure that all personally identifiable data is kept secure.  If copied off our servers the files should only be saved onto ENCRYPTED media (all school owned portable systems are encrypted).

If using your own computer, you should not download such information other than in EXCEPTIONAL circumstances and ONLY if the media is ENCRYPTED.  You must NOT use a ‘shared account’ on personally owned computers in case unauthorised users gain access to any files (or cached copies) of files on which you have been working.

If you wish to access a full WIndows desktop and SIMS applications then you will need to use software to create a secure ‘Virtual Private Network’ (VPN) as an additional layer of security between your computer on the internet and the school network.  You will also need to run the Microsoft ‘Remote Desktop’ app – included with Windows and available free of charge from the Apple ‘App Store’ for Mac users.

The following video links give further details on how to configure the connection software.  These are intended if you are using your own PC or Mac but if your school laptop or iPad has not been pre-configured these instructions will equally apply.



  • For connecting to network drives / folders – click here **
  • For connecting to SIMS / 4Matrix – click here **

Mac OS

  • Creating VPN for remote access – click here **
  • For connecting to SIMS / 4Matrix – click here **

** Requires logging into Office 365 to view.

If you have any technical issues please contact the ICT support department ictsupport@flhs.wigan.sch.uk who will be able to offer assitance.

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