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Please see below for common questions and answers for accessing your Satchel One account.

How do I get an account?

If you are a student you will already have a username and password to log on a computer in school. Your Satchel One account is created from this.

What is my logon?

Your username and password for Satchel One are the following:

Username = School email address*
Password = The password that you use to log in a computer at school each day 

* Your school email address is your normal school network log-on ID followed by

How do I log in?

There are two ways that you can log in to Satchel One, they are:

  • On a computer using a web browser
  • On a mobile device (tablet or smartphone) using the Satchel One app

On a computer:

Visit and under Login click on the option button that says ‘Student’. Next, click on the button underneath the section ‘Or log in with:’ that says Sign In with Office 365.

A pop up box will then appear. In the username field enter your school email address and password*. Click on the Login button. Satchel One will then log in.

For more help please consult the following quick start user guide below:

On a mobile device:

Android & iOS

If you are using an Android tablet or phone, visit the following link Satchel One for Android which will take you directly to the Google Play store to download the free App to your device.

If you are using an iPad or iPhone, visit the following link Satchel One for iOS which will take you directly to the App store to download the free App to your device.

Once installed open up the App and you will be presented with a screen saying Search for your school. Type the school name Fred Longworth and then tap on the Search button. Tap on the school listed below and you will then be displayed with the log in screen (see video below for demonstration). 

Video above demonstrates Satchel One app on iOS device. Android version may differ.

Tap on the button that says ‘Sign in with Office 365’ and you will then be taken to the login screen where you can then put in your login details. In the field ‘Username’, enter your school email address*, tap Next

In the field ‘Password’, enter the password*, then tap Sign In.

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