SIMS Parent App

The SIMS Parent App allows you to monitor your child’s progress in school more closely than ever before. *You will have access to your child’s attendance and behaviour records and interim reports.

The App replaced our SIMS Learning Gateway (On-Line Reporting System) which many parents may have previously used.

SIMS Parent App is free to download and has been designed with mobile technology in mind with an App for both Android and iOS smart phones / tablets. In addition there is also the ability to log in on a computer via a web portal which can be used with any browser or operating system.

Enrollment for SIMS Parent App is a two step process:

STEP ONE – Register for an account

You will recieve a personal invite with an activation link which will also contain your unique activation code. This will be sent via email to the email address registered to your parental contact details.

Note: From the beginning of September 2019 all parents of Year 7 students are provided with two e-mail accounts that are linked to our systems and allow them to recieve messages from school. If this applies to you then your activation link email will be sent to these accounts.

In order to register with the SIMS Parent App you will need to create a new account using one of the six avaliable options listed below:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Microsoft (Hotmail,
  • Office 365

By using one of the above options as a method for sign in it allows convenience so that you don’t have to remember another set of user names and passwords.  Remember though, if the account you have linked to SIMS Parent App is ever compromised, to ensure the safety of your data you must take action to secure your account by following the advice and instructions of your account provider.

Click here to begin the registration process using the link provided. Note: You will need to enter the registration code that has been sent to your email account.

If you haven’t received an invite to use the SIMS App, use this address to apply

[You may also click here to fill up a PDF application form, save it and then attach it to the e-mail request.]


Once you have registered your account you will then be able to sign in via one of the following:

  • Download and install the Application on your smart phone or tablet
  • Visit the website on a web browser on a personal computer via the following link

To download the free SIMS Parent App for your smart phone or tablet click on the appropriate device’s store links below.

For further information please follow the links shown below.

  • About SIMS Parent App – [Click for PDF document]
  • Letter to Parents’ – [Click for PDF document]
  • Getting Started and Instructions to Register / Logon – [Click for PDF document]
  • If you are having difficulty logging into the SIMS App see this FAQ page for more information
  • If you can’t remember your password to access the SIMS App please visit the website of your account provider (i.e. Microsoft, Google, Facebook or Twitter) and follow their instructions for resetting your password.
  • Privacy statement: [Click for PDF document]

* The information published in the Parent App (along with the web versions) is subject to a delay as follows:-

  • Session & Lesson Attendance and the School Diary are updated every 30 minutes
  • Achievements & Behaviour and Reports are updated every 60 minutes
  • Other assessment data and static information is updated once daily, usually between midnight and 3am.