Viewing Dashboard Basics

Viewing Basic Attendance and Event Information

Attendance data is live, so as registers are taken and saved by teachers, student data is updated in real time.  Dependent on class activities, and the time of day, not all registers will be saved and updated at the same time.  Please allow for this when viewing the system, but in general, morning registration data should be accurate by 9am and afternoon registration by 2:05pm.  From the menu on the left sidebar, select “My Children Dashboard”.






You will be presented with a screen similar to the one reproduced below.  If you have more than one child at school and have been linked to their records, a list of their names and a photograph (if they were present on school photograph day) will be shown at the bottom of the screen panel.

Headline statistics will be displayed here, this automatically scrolls through Session Attendance, Lateness, Achievements and Behaviour for each child.  You can pause the scroll with the “||” button or advance through them by clicking on the blue dots.

The current day’s attendance is highlighted here, and you can click on your children’s names to view their information for each session.  You can click on the “History” button to load a date picker from which you can view the data for any particular day.

The events area gives updates on absences, lateness and behaviour issues.  It reveals entries over the last 7 days but you can expand and filter what you see by clicking on the “twistie” symbol and you can choose a date, child and event type.  Each individual event can be expanded to reveal further information by clicking on “More Details …”.