Mobile Phone Policy


Mobile phones arepart of modern society and the majority of students will now own a mobile phone. We understand that for safety reasons students will carry a mobile phone in order to contact parents/carers after school/before school. However, mobile phones can lead to several problems in school, for example bullying, disruption to lessons and inappropriate web usage. As a school we strongly encourage our students to talk to each other and develop friendship groups at break and lunchtime, as opposed to using their mobile phones. As a result the use of mobile phones during school hours is completelyforbidden, and students found using their mobile phone during school hours will be dealt with in accordance with this policy.


  1. To clarify the school position on mobile phones.
  2. To ensure that staff, students and parents are fully conversant with the policy and understand the reasons for the policy.
  3. To support our behaviour management policy, which aims for outstanding behaviour and safety of students across the school.
  4. To ensure that student welfare and safeguarding incidents associated with mobile phones are minimised.


  1. Mobile phones must remain switched off during school hours. This includes break and lunchtimes. Mobile phones are not allowed on site – this is defined as ‘inside the school gates’.
  2. Any student seen using their mobile phone during school hours will have their phone confiscated. Phones must not be seen or heard.
  3. This includes the use of ‘Smart’ or Apple watches – the use of these is not allowed as they are effectively mobile phones and will be treated as such.
  4. Confiscated phones must be taken to reception where the phone will be secured in the school safe.
  5. After the first confiscation students will be allowed to collect their phone at the end of the week. Parents will be required to collect the mobile phone following the second or any subsequent confiscations, parents are also allowed to collect the phone if confiscated on the first occasion.
  6. When a phone is confiscated parents need to be aware that there may be a time delay before the phone is able to be collected.
  7. Students are allowed to use their phone to contact home relating to safety/transport, home reasons after a drama, music or sporting activity. In this instance staff should allow students to use their phone on the school site if this is appropriate.
  8. Students who use their phone in school will be given a Loss of Reward (LoR). This will lead to a detention from the relevant HoY. If this issue becomes persistent, the student will be referred to the Pastoral Deputy who will then consider strategies such as a pastoral meeting, detentions, or Room 101.
  9. Students must not use their phone to listen to music if they are cycling to school. Students should also be mindful of traffic and dangerous situations if using their phone when walking to and from school.
  10. Students will receive assemblies explaining the mobile phone policy and the policywill be placed on the school website for parents/carers to access.
  11. When issues with mobile phones exist that involve serious misuse of the phone, transmitting images, cyber bullying etc.; parents will be brought into school and the Malicious Communications Act will be explained to them. This states that parents are responsible for the phone and any issues resulting from the phone when it is used by a ‘minor’.

Policy revised March 2019.

A full copy of the mobile phone policy is available here in PDF format.