2016 / 2017 Catch-Up Funding – Maths


Over the course of the year, 23 pupils have attended ‘form time intervention’ which has been run by KWh and AZa.
These pupils were identified from KS2 data as underachieving upon entering FLHS.

  • Once the list of pupils had been identified, the Maths department analysed KS2 SATs data which was downloaded from RAISEonline. This data was then passed on to the class teachers to make them aware of the gaps in the pupils knowledge.
  • Experienced class teachers were assigned to classes with the weakest pupils, allowing these pupils access to master the curriculum.
  • All pupils were given logins for:
    – MyMaths
    – Mathswatch
    – HegertyMaths
    This allowed pupils to work independently at home and in lessons.
    Homework and revision was also set on these websites again, allowing independent revision for all pupils.
  • During ‘form time intervention’ pupils were taught specific fundamental skills, enabling these pupils to build up their Maths knowledge.
    At the start and end of this course, pupils undertook a baseline assessment which covered the areas that these pupils worked on.


  • 9% of the pupils targeted ended the year as ‘Exceptional’
  • 26% of the pupils targeted ended the year as ‘Strong’
  • 65% of the pupils targeted ended the year as ‘Emerging’
  • 0% of the pupils targeted ended the year as ‘Below’

Once the pupils had completed the end base line assessment, we saw an average of 43% improvement in the scores compared to the start base line assessment.