Catch-Up Premium 2018 / 2019

  • For the Academic Year 2018-19 Fred Longworth High School receives £10,000 in Catch Up Premium Funding.
  • The money is used to fund literacy interventions with this group of students in order to improve their access to the curriculum. Interventions include targeted TA provision, the Reading Plus Scheme, Lexia Reading and Toe by Toe Reading intervention
  • TAs have received specific training in working with students for Maths recovery
  • The creation of the two Accelerate Groups in Y7 is intended to boost the literacy and numeracy skills of the most vulnerable students in the year group. TA support and teacher expertise has been allocated to the two groups in order to accelerate progress


  • Yr 7 Accelerate groups are successful. Student & staff voice very positive on impact & improvement in reading ages for the Accelerate group.
  • Data shows 100% increase in reading scores for targeted year 7 students. Marked improvement in the reading ages of the 4 weakest readers.

Impact on numeracy:

  • The creation of the Y7 Maths Accelerate group was a success.  The alternative curriculum that the students followed allowed them to increase their proficiency in numeracy.
  • Over the course of the year, the main focus/topic of the lessons was Number.
  • Students improved with their number work over the course of the year. All students in the class were firstly tested for ‘Maths Recovery’.  From this, the weakest pupils were identified and given
  • 1-2-1 lessons during their usual Maths lessons. 71% of students reached ‘expected’ within the determined curriculum. The group will continue into Y8.