September Plans

As you may be aware, the Government has now published guidelines to schools for re-opening to all students from September. We are well on the way with our planning so that we can welcome all our students back in the safest possible way and I will send out a letter to parents with all the details of our approach before the end of term. The headline, however, is that all students are expected back in school full-time from the start of term and we are certainly looking forward to welcoming them after such a long closure.

The start of term for Years 8 to 11 is Thursday, 3rd September, as planned in the original school calendar. There will be a staggered start to the first day and I will provide further details about timings in next week’s parental letter. Our usual practice is for new Year 7 students to attend 1 day before the other students so that they can settle in to school before the arrival of other year groups; this year, we have decided to bring in Year 7 a further day earlier (we have cancelled the planned staff training day so that this can be accommodated). This means that Year 7 students will begin at Fred Longworth on Tuesday, 1st September instead of 2nd September, as originally planned. We feel that the current situation will have raised anxiety levels about the transfer to secondary school and that 2 days without the older students will be of benefit.

I am aware that some of you will be anxious about sending your children back to school and want to reassure you that our first priority is the safety of students, parents and staff. As stated above, I will detail the measures that we intend to put into place in a separate letter to parents next week. I can confirm, however, that the safety measures we intend to take include the creation of year group “bubbles”, with year groups separated as much as possible to reduce the number of potential contacts that your child will have on any one day. I know that we can count on your continued support and patience as we finalise our safety measures and we promise that the parental letter will be sent out as soon as plans are complete.

In the meantime, we are fast approaching the end of the strangest summer term ever! I hope that, as we all emerge from lockdown, that you are able to take some sort of break over the summer, whether that be at home or away. The days of home schooling are now officially numbered and it will certainly feel a lot better when our school is once again filled with young people!