Here’s What Some of Our Students Think

‘Freddie’s is a place of enjoyment and learning’ Tom Y9

‘The teaching is interactive with all students and they use all styles of teaching for all types of learners’ Jamie Y10

‘I think that the quality of learning in this school is exceptionally good and the teachers teach us very well.’ Jack Y8

‘A gateway to something great’ Hannah Y11

‘During lessons, teachers make learning as lively as they can to help with our education.’ Paige Y10

‘Freddie’s means learning and getting a good education by working as a team’ Adele Y8

‘Teachers always get people to do their work’ Courtney Y7

  • Teaching & Learning - 249
  • Teaching & Learning - 193
  • Teaching & Learning - 179
  • Teaching & Learning - 168
  • Teaching & Learning - 077
  • Teaching & Learning - 035
  • Teaching & Learning - 018

‘At Freddie’s it isn’t just about doing what you can and that will do, it’s about pushing yourself further and further and accepting challenges set’ Leon Y10

‘The teachers are always willing to help.  They give up their own time to support you and help you to improve your skills.’ Liberty Y11

‘The lessons are fun and I can learn with excitement’ Neve Y7

‘The teaching is really good.  All teachers make sure you understand what you’re doing and they don’t just set you work and leave you to it’ Emily Y8

‘Teachers make sure no one is left behind.  If you need a push forward they will give it to you.’ Jenna Y10

‘I think the teaching at Freddie’s is very high quality.  If I am ever struggling my teachers will help me.’ Leo Y8

‘The teachers are very supportive and helpful especially with the extra revision sessions they provide.’ Charlotte Y11