The Shape of the Summer Term…

Welcome to the first blog of the new half-term. I hope that you are safe, well and coping with the very strange set of circumstances that surround us all. The shape of the next half-term is now a little clearer and a letter to all Year 10 parents and students is going out today. In the interests of keeping our whole school community informed, a copy of this letter will also be made available on the website.

The provision for Year 10, which will begin on or after June 15th, is meant to supplement the remote learning already being done. Many Year 10 students are already receiving a form of “face to face” support from their subject teachers in the form of Microsoft Teams “live” lessons, and we hope that you will continue to engage with these lessons. I would also urge Year 10 to continue to tackle the other work being set by your teachers – to be clear, the on-site sessions are only meant as “extra” support and do not replace your main learning.

For those parents who feel concerned about sending their children back to school, alternative (and equal) on-line provision will be made. I see this as very much a time when parents and students need to be absolutely comfortable with whatever decision they make and we recognise that only you know the individual family circumstances that will influence your decision on whether to take up the offer of “on-site” support.

The Year 10 provision has been planned in such a way that teachers are still able to set high quality work for all other year groups and I want to assure parents and students that we have certainly not forgotten about Years 7 to 9. At what would have been the start of a new term, it’s important that you all get back into whatever routines you have been able to establish and seek help if you feel you need it.

Remember also that you can communicate directly with subject teachers and with Heads of Year. Alternatively, parents who are worried about anything can contact us via the email. Some students have expressed the feeling that they are struggling with the sheer volume of work they are set. Often, a chat with a subject teacher or with the Head of Year can help students to prioritise and tackle the work without these feelings of being overwhelmed. Parents and students: You are not alone! I keep coming back to the same piece of advice because it remains true – if you don’t feel normal at the moment, it’s normal.

Keep safe and well.