Year 6 Teams information for parents

Ahead of your scheduled teams meeting with your son/daughters new form tutor it is important that you have downloaded and installed Microsoft Teams on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

You can download Microsoft Teams for free from the following links provided below.

For Computers (free to install)

App store links for smartphone / tablet devices (free to install)

Once you have downloaded and installed the software on the day and time of your meeting please refer to the e-mail you have received and click on the link that you have been provided with:

The link in your e-mail may look like this:

Or this:

Either way both links when clicked will take you to the meeting.


When you have downloaded the software you do not need to sign in with your e-mail account to use Microsoft Teams. If you already use Microsoft Teams for work please ensure you sign out of Microsoft Teams so the program will work with your registered e-mail account you have provided the school with in order to access the meeting. Once the meeting has finished you can sign back in to Teams using your work account.

When joining the meeting you may be asked to sign in or join as a guest. If you are asked this select the option Join as a Guest.

Before joining the meeting you will be asked to enter your name and you will also have the option to enable your camera and microphone.

For the benefit of all we advise leaving your device camera and microphone turned off for the meeting unless asked to turn them on by your son/daughters form tutors.

See below for an example of how to set your webcam and microphone to not be active during the meeting.

If using Teams on a computer:
If using Teams on a smartphone or tablet simply tapping anywhere on the screen will present you with the following bar:
If you have any queries regarding the above please e-mail