GCSE Photography

GCSE Photography at FLHS is part of our extremely successful Art and Design department. We offer a challenging course that stretches learners of all abilities and enjoy seeing the innovative and exciting work that is produced.

Our students study the AQA Art and Design Photography specification.

We run a predominantly digital course and present work in digital sketchbooks created with Apple Mac software but there are opportunities for students to attend workshops exploring traditional darkroom techniques.


KS3 Photography clubs will run on after school. We aim to explore a range of photographic genres and give students a taste of what GCSE Photography entails.


Y10 students will start the year with an intensive crash course in camera and software use. Students thrive on this steep learning curve and are soon raring to start exploring a wide range of photographic concepts in a series of short projects over the course of the year. Students begin to develop their own independent learning path. Given the freedom to research practitioners of their own choosing we see a wide variety of personal projects begin to be created.


In preparation for unit 2 (the exam) students begin Y11 by completing a mock exam in which independence and problem solving is nurtured and encouraged. Work on unit 2 starts in January.