Instrumental Music Lessons

Fred Longworth Music Department offers peripatetic instrumental lessons on Drums, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Voice, Piano/Keyboard, DJ, Rap, Studio Production, Brass (Cornet, Trumpet, Tenor Horn, Euphonium, Baritone, Trombone, Tuba), Woodwind (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone) and Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello)

Who will teach instrumental lessons?

The instrumental lessons are taught by peripatetic music teachers. A peripatetic teacher is an instrumental teacher who specialises in a certain instrument and will work with an individual or small group of students teaching a specific instrument.

Our highly skilled peripatetic staff are exceptional musicians and instrumental teachers. They are quality assured by Fred Longworth High School who carry out regular lesson observations. All associates are DBS checked and have attended Child Protection Training. Our staff encompass all styles and genres and adopt a holistic approach to instrumental teaching.

How do I set up instrumental lessons for my son/daughter?

Arranging an instrumental lesson for your son/daughter is a very easy process.

Once your son/daughter has decided which instrument they would like to play, please fully complete the form attached. Alternatively, a copy of this form can be collected from the Music Office in A3.


Lessons can be given individually or in a paired group.

  • An individual lesson lasts 20 minutes and costs £10
  • A paired lesson lasts 20 minutes and costs £5
  • Pupil Premium students are eligible for a free paired lesson and there is a 50% discount for families receiving working families tax credit

For more information, please see any of the Music teachers who will only be too happy to help, contact the Music office and speak to Tracey Ball (Arts Administrator) on 01942 881452 or complete the online form below.

How do instrumental lessons work once the form has been completed?

When the form has been processed (this will be done within a week of submitting the form or handing it in), you will receive an email to confirm your son/daughter is on the instrumental timetable.

Your son/daughter will then need to check their time on the screen outside A3.

Instrumental lessons take place throughout the school day and your son/daughter will come out of a curriculum lesson to take part in their twenty minute instrumental music lesson. To avoid missing the same curriculum lesson every week, the instrumental lessons are staggered; for example, the first week they would miss 20 minutes of period 1, the second week they would miss 20 minutes of period 2 and so on. Also, the school follows a two-week timetable. Students are expected to catch up on any work that they miss.

Where does my son/daughter find the instrumental lesson timetable and where do the lessons take place?

Outside the A3 classroom in the Music department, there is an electronic screen.

Students need to find their instrument and press on the screen. The timetable will then appear. They need to find their name down the left hand side and the date along the top – when they match the two columns up they will be able to find the time of their lesson.

All of the lessons take place in the practice rooms or the Recording Studio. Students will be informed of where they need to go to when they lessons are set up.

How do I pay for my son/daughter’s instrumental lessons?

The preferred payment method for instrumental lessons is Wisepay, however, payment in cash or cheque is also accepted.

Instrumental lessons can either be paid in full or installments can be paid monthly. You will be given a payment schedule when you sign up to the lessons.

How will I know how my son/daughter is progressing?

Your son/daughter will be given a practice diary so show their weekly progress. You can also see what your son/daughter should be practicing over the week.

In the Summer term, there will be a Parent’s Evening where you will be able to meet your son/daughter’s instrumental teacher and discuss their progress.

Can my son/daughter loan an instrument from FLHS Music Department?

The Music Department makes every effort to loan an instrument (where possible) to your son/daughter so they can practice. Sadly, we are currently unable to offer the loan of drum kits, studio equipment and electric guitars.

The loan of an instrument is free of charge and your son/daughter is expected to take part in some of the extra curricular activities that the department offers.

What should I do if there is a problem or if I have a question?

The Music Department wants your son/daughter to enjoy learning their instrument and will help them wherever possible.

If there are any problems regarding their instrumental lesson, please either contact Tracey Ball (Arts Administrator) on or 01942 881452 or Mrs Helen Robinson (Head of Music) at