Studio Production DJ & Rap


Matthieu Woodburn is a Music Producer and Studio Composer. Matt studied at the University of Salford, and has a First-Class BA (Hons) Degree in Creative Music Technology. He has also completed a Master’s Degree in Music.

Matt’s musical journey started at the age of 8, singing in Blackburn Cathedral Choir, which led to him becoming Head Chorister at the age of 14. After starting College, Matt started playing guitar and drums in various rock bands, and at the age of 17 had toured around the UK, France and Holland with his former band, ‘Today, They Are Older’.

After this, Matt began studying at University, learning all about Producing, Studio Engineering and Composition. This lead him to start writing and recording various modern styles of music, from Pop, Rock, Rap, Jazz and Electronic Music, and is familiar and comfortable with most styles composing in most genres of Music. In this time, he started his own solo project, titled, ‘Mattu’, with which he creates a mix of electronic, pop and rap production to create his own take of modern music. ‘Mattu’ has released an EP, an album and more recently a single, titled, ‘Mango Sorbet’, as well as having production credits on various other artists’ songs.

In 2017, Matt was one of 12 young musicians to be chosen to take part in the Manchester Levi’s Music Project, alongside the band, ‘Everything Everything’. Since then, Matt has taken advantage of the opportunities presented to himself, collaborating with various artists all over the UK, and even the US.