Extra Curricular

FLHS Music Department has an outstanding reputation for providing high quality extra curricular activities that result in outstanding ensembles, performances and gigs.

All students are always encouraged and welcome to get involved in the Music extra curricular provision.

The department puts on a big concert to an audience of over 300 people at Christmas and Summer, in addition to many performances with the different ensembles throughout the year.

What extra-curricular activities are on offer at FLHS?

Freddie’s Voices

If you like to sing, everyone is welcome to join Freddie’s Voices (choir). The ensemble takes part in ‘Voice in a Million every year at Wembley in London as well as gigs and concerts for the school throughout the year.

Rehearsal: Monday lunchtime, A4

FLHS Brass Band

The FLHS Brass Band is open to everyone who can play a brass instrument. The band are former National Champions of Great Britain and have performed at prestigious venues such as Windsor, Castle, Westminster at the foot of Big Ben and Birmingham Symphony Hall as finalists in the National Music for Youth festival. The band are currently working towards their European tour to Germany and France next year which will culminate in a performance on the Disneyland stage.

Rehearsal: Monday 7-8:30pm and Thursday 3-4:5pm, A4

Beginner Brass Group  

The Beginner Brass Group is the bridging ensemble to the Brass Band. This gives students the opportunity to learn how to play as part as an ensemble before progressing to the main Brass Band.

Rehearsal: Thursday  lunchtime, A1

FLHS String Ensemble

The FLHS String ensemble welcomes all string players. They perform in the concerts and play a selection of musical styles from classical, folk and pop.

Rehearsal: Tuesday lunchtime, A1

Keyboard Club    

Keyboard club is open to all students who would like to come and practice on the keyboards. Hannah, our piano teacher, is there to offer advice to those who would like some extra help and guidance.

Rehearsal: Wednesday lunchtime, A3

Grade 5 Theory Club 

This activity is available to anyone who would like to work towards their Grade 5 theory exam. Some colleges require this qualification to continue with Music post GCSE

Rehearsal: Wednesday 3-4pm, A2


Rockskool welcomes all students who would like to form a band. Paddy, our Drums and Guitar teacher, runs the club and helps the students set up bands and perform, as well as bringing in musicians to perform for the club.

Rehearsal: Tuesday 6-7:15pm, A4

Jam Session

This club welcomes all rock instrument musicians such as guitarists, drummers, keyboard players and vocalists. They work as a large ensemble.

Rehearsal: Wednesday lunchtime, A4

Ukulele Ensemble       

The Ukulele ensemble is for anyone who would like to play the Ukulele as part of a group.

Rehearsal: Thursday lunchtime, A1

DJ Club   

DJ Club is for anyone who would like to learn how to DJ. Students are able to use the professional DJ equipment.

Rehearsal: Tuesday lunchtime, Studio

Music Production Club  

Music Production Club welcomes any student who wants to further their learning using the computers using Ableton and the Recording Studio.

Rehearsal: Tuesday 3-4pm, A1

Orchestra 21   

Orchestra 21 combines all instruments – traditional and popular – with technology through the use of Ableton. This group welcomes all musicians of any standard on any instrument, including technology.

Rehearsal: Thursday lunchtime, A4

 Practice Rooms – practice rooms can be booked for a lunchtime rehearsal by seeing the Music Prefects and Assistants outside A3.

The Recording Studio can be booked and students can be professionally recorded by booking a time with the Music teachers for a Wednesday lunchtime.