My Lockdown – Arts Home Learning Project

Covid-19 and the lockdown has resulted in a significant change to our daily lives and had an unprecedented impact on our freedom – something many of us have never experienced before.

The role of the arts has been crucial in this time – we have seen people singing together from balconies, music artists collaborating online and performing from their own homes, free theatre shows being shown on TV, drama’s being written and performed in peoples own homes and collaborative online dances that have united communities across the world.

The My Lockdown project gives you the opportunity to tell your lockdown story, or share your views about the impact of Coronavirus. We would like to share some of the best work online as part of our online ‘My Lockdown Showcase’, on Youtube, Instagram and Twitter – Please let your teacher know if you don’t want your work to be shared online. The project also gives you the freedom to choose which artform to create your response: art, dance, drama or music.  We want your submissions to form part of the history of our school – something we can all look back at many years later to remember what the lockdown was like for the students and teachers at Fred Longworth.  The deadline for the project is Friday 26th June.

This short video explains the project in more detail.  Please watch this first.

Once you have watched the intro, you will need to make a decision about which artform/subject you will use to create your work.  The information below, provides some more guidance and contains links to examples for each subject.

Remember, you only need to choose one project which will make up the whole of your home learning for the arts, but that means we are expecting some amazing work!


Project Brief & examples of lockdown art: Art My Lockdown Project



Project Brief: Choreograph and perform a piece of dance that expresses your experiences of lockdown.  Film your performance and upload it to Show My Homework, or upload it to OneDrive to share with your teacher.

The following links contain examples of lockdown dances:



Project Brief: Create a monolgue, piece of drama or physical theatre that explores your own experiences of lockdown. You could collaborate virtually with other students to create your work.

The following examples are from a play created by US High School Students, called ’10 Ways To Survive Quarantine’


The following are examples of physical theatre performances for an online Frantic Assembly project:


There are 3 different projects you could complete in music:

Project 1: Performance

Choose one of the tracks below.  Learn the parts on an instrument or learn the vocal line.  Play/sing along to the track and record yourself on your phone.  Send it to your teacher so we can make a mash-up of Freddies students performing the tracks.  You must have the track playing in headphones as you play/sing along with the track so that everyone plays at the same speed and we can sync all of the videos.

Project 2: Composition

Compose and perform your own original lockdown song/instrumental/rap.  This can be performed on any instrument. You might want to create your own backing track using technology or perform it live (for example, using chords on an instrument and sing or play the melody line).  This option is open to interpretation – be as creative as you can!

Here are some examples of songs created about lockdown:

The Family Lockdown Boogie:

You Taught Me What Love Is (BGT)

Project 3: Technology

Using the samples taken from speeches about the Coronavirus Pandemic, create a track using Ableton Live (available free here for a 90 day trial), or any other DAW software that you have access to.  Mr Corrigan has created a folder with extracts of speeches and some beats to start with – Feel free to use these and find more of your own to create your track.  Click here to go to the sample folder (You will need to be signed in to Office 365 to access the files).  Be creative!





We Will Rock You at the Palace Theatre


On the 5th February, Mr Moloney organised a trip for 30 year 7 and 8 students to see the fantastic production of  ‘We Will Rock You’ at the Palace Theatre in Manchester.  The show was excellent, and the behaviour of the students was excellent.

With fantastic performances of some classic Queen tracks, students were inspired to listen to some more Queen classics on the trip home.






FLHS Community Christmas Party

Freddies was once again, extremely proud to host our annual Community Christmas Party on December 18th 2019. Many thanks to all 105 guests who attended this festive extravaganza and helped to make this year’s event so special. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and long-standing friends of Fred Longworth, as well as welcoming many new guests and relatives of our school community.

Party-goers were treated to a vintage ‘afternoon tea’ experience, complete with authentic tableware and crockery and served a festive menu of finger food and delicious cakes by our Yr9 Catering students who did a marvellous job of keeping everyone happy!

Refreshments were complemented with a packed programme of specially selected entertainment and was hosted by an enthusiastic Mr McPhail.  Wigan’s Band of the Year ‘Only Young Once’ kicked off the proceedings with a crowd pleasing set of familiar tunes and were followed by Freddie’s voices, dancers and musicians, who relished the opportunity to perform to our lively audience.

Some exciting prizes were won during Bingo and Raffle games and Father Christmas even made an appearance, but the highlight for many guests, was the chance to meet Fin Woodward, winner of the 2019 Junior Bake Off. He was interviewed on stage before handing out ‘Fin’s Golden Tickets’ to every guest, for the chance to win a specially commissioned Christmas cake. The lucky winner was delighted and declared that ‘this would be his best present this year!’

The grand finale to our afternoon of entertainment was a good old-fashioned singalong with our very own Championship brass band. Mrs Robinson and her band took time out from their busy Christmas schedule to play all our favourite carols and left us in a thoroughly festive mood.

Thank you to ALL of our students and staff (especially Miss Ball and Mrs McSorely) who made this event such a success. We are already looking forward to next year’s party, see you there!!

Yr9 Dance Enrichment Visit to Winstanley College

In December, our Yr9 BTEC and GCSE Dance students were treated to a very special matinee performance of  ‘The Adam’s Family’ at Winstanley College. Our dancers began the day with A Level student led workshops in Dance and Drama, reproducing a popular scene from the show and was performed on the set, later that day.

After lunch and an opportunity to explore the college’s facilities, we finally got to see the show. As expected, it was fantastic and totally inspiring to watch ex-Freddies students performing in the lead roles. Well done to all the cast and crew involved in the production and thank you for inviting us. We are already looking forward to next year’s production!

2019 Christmas Concert

On Tuesday 17th December, Fred Longworth Music Department held their annual Christmas concert. The concert started with the rock band and five singers on stage performing a slow introduction to ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’. As the verse started the tempo increased and all performers made their way to the stage to join in. The audience sang and clapped along and there was even snow! A brilliant start to the concert.

The concert featured many of the favourite Christmas songs which were performed by  the Brass Band and Freddie’s Voices as well as many soloists. The concert also featured performances by Mrs Robinson’s Year 9 GCSE class and Miss Dalton’s Year 9 and Year 11 RSL Performance class.

There were over 100 performers on stage and the evening was a night of fun, music and Christmas cheer.

2019 Christingle Concert

Our school Brass Band and Freddie’s Voices performed at the Fred Longworth High School Christingle service at St. Georges Church on 11th December. This has been a tradition for many years, but it was the first time with Revd Martin Brian Cox leading the service. Year 7’s sang Christmas Carols which the Brass Band played and Freddie’s Voices helped to raise the roof! We finished the service with everyone’s favourite, ‘Jingle Bells’ which left our students in the festive spirit and ready to celebrate Christmas! We even recorded our first Music Department TikTok at Christingle! Come and follow our TikTok @flhsmusic

New Views Script Writing Trip

On 9th January 2020 Mr Turner took a group of students to see a National Theatre Live screening of All About Eve at Bolton VUE Cinema. NT Live is an amazing scheme in which some of the best shows in London’s theatres are recorded live and beamed out to cinemas around the country. It means you can see some of the best British theatre without having to go any further than your local cinema, all for the same price as a normal movie ticket!

The students he took were from the New Views script writing group. The group, which meets on a Wednesday after school, are a select group of Year 10s and 11s who want to write a full thirty minute script each to be entered in the National Theatre’s play-writing competition. The ten students have been working on amazing ideas that were developed with the help of published playwright Sonia Jalaly, who will be reading all the students’ scripts in February and giving them feedback on their work. The final plays will be submitted to the competition at Easter, before the national winners are announced in the summer. The top prize sees one young person’s play produced and performed on the stage at the National, which is an amazing opportunity and could be one of our group’s!


In the very first stage adaptation of the amazing film, All About Eve stars Gillian Anderson as Margo Channing, an actress at the peak of her fame. When she unwittingly employs small-town girl Eve (Lily James) as her assistant, she doesn’t realise that her new protégé’s ambition will be the cause of her downfall. With a brilliantly witty and cutting script, the play is a masterclass in effective writing, with some superb examples of scathing dialogue and unusual structure. The students loved it and so did Mr Turner!

Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert Trip

On 26th November Mr Turner took his Year 11 BTEC Acting class to the Palace Theatre, Manchester to see Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert. Their BTEC Component 1 requires students to compare and contrast three pieces of live theatre they have seen, so this is the final piece they are studying, alongside Lovesong and Beautiful Thing.


An all-singing, all-dancing extravaganza of sequins, heels and feathers, this fantastic musical adaptation of the 1994 movie took the West End by storm when it debuted a few years ago. Now on tour, we sang along, boogied in our seats and got to see an amazing example of the musical genre at its most elaborate. Camp, kitsch and funny, Year 11 had an amazing time both at the theatre and in class as we explored how to play such enormous characters on stage.

This is the final piece of theatre the BTEC class will see whilst at Fred Longworth, so it was fantastic to finish on such a high. It was also a wonderful reminder that Drama can be as funny, as over the top and as fabulous as you want it to be.

Key Stage 3 Dance Visit ‘The Red Shoes’

In November 2019, dancers in years 7,8 & 9 were invited to attend a matinée performance of Matthew Bourne’s timeless piece. The rewards trip was a huge thank you to all dancers who had contributed to our annual Primary Dance Festival and was enjoyed by all. ‘The Red Shoes’ is said to be one Bourne’s finest works for which he won the award of Best Theatre Choreographer and the show itself won Best Entertainment at the 2017 Olivier Awards.

New Release from Film Club

Since September, students of the FLHS Film Club have been working on their new short film, Glitch.

Written, directed, acted and edited by the students, Year 10 student Ben Tilly took the helm this year, with assistance from Jamie Tomlinson and Ethan Desmond. Together, they took the students’ wild ideas, refined them and began the long process of transferring the idea to the screen. Eventually, their ideas became Glitch:

Have you ever wondered whether school is real? Could it just be a programme? A computer game? If school looks, sounds and feels real then how would we know? Unless there was a glitch in the system… which is exactly what Alex, Harry and Chelsea begin to spot over the strangest day in their lives.

Inspired by The Matrix, they wanted the film to refer to as many computer games as possible, both through the script and its visuals. Our biggest challenge was finding a way to transfer that to the screen using just iMovie and a video camera. Sound effects, editing tricks and music became key, as well as experimenting with how we can use the speed of a clip to maintain pace.

With a dedicated team of actors and editors, the process was filled with fantastic ideas about how to use our equipment in really creative ways. The students picked up a lot of skills and producing a film of this quality was a real achievement for all involved.

You can watch Glitch here