BTEC Acting

BTEC Acting is a vocational programme that helps to prepare you for life in the Performing Arts Industry. There are three units, which prepare you for auditioning, applying for further education and jobs, what life is like behind the scenes (production roles), life as an actor and some written theory. Written work is minimal, but you are required to keep up-to-date with your actor’s diary as this provides crucial evidence of your learning journey. You will become part of Alter Ego Theatre Company, attending and putting on shows, working with professional artists and ex-students and getting as much hands-on experience of the theatre as possible.

Choosing BTEC Acting Level 2 at Fred Longworth High School also provides an excellent platform from which to progress onto BTEC Level 3 or A Level Drama and Theatre Studies learning in further education.

The three units of study are as follows:


For this unit you are asked to imagine you are applying for further education / jobs in the performing arts industry. You will be required to learn two contrasting monologues based on a theme (which is provided by the exam board – this year’s theme is ‘Destiny’). The monologues should be between 2-3 minutes long (each) and will be performed to camera. Alongside the performance, you will undertake a controlled exam in a computer suite, which involves typing a letter of application to a Performing Arts College, for example. The performances and your letter are sent off to an external examiner. You must pass this part of the exam in order to pass overall.


During Unit Two, you can work as either a performer or as part of the production team on a performance to a live audience. You start the unit with a production meeting, which will enable you and your team to choose a suitable script / story to develop. Alongside workshops with professional artists, you emulate life in the industry, with intense rehearsal and workshop sessions to get ready for show night. You are marked on process and final performance during this unit.


Unit Three is similar to Unit Two, although you will now work on refining and developing skills. You work as an actor during this unit and will be assessed on workshops undertaken to learn and refine skills, and then a final performance (which is a culmination of all skills explored during the first half of the unit). Units Two and Three are internally assessed but externally verified. For these two units you are required to record your progress in video and written diary entries.