GCSE Drama

Drama GCSE engages and encourages you to become a confident performer, director and designer, equipping you with the skills needed for a bright and successful future. Performance is paramount: There is as much opportunity as possible for you to do what you like best – participate in performance. All students devise drama, and all students explore texts practically by working on two text-based performances. You can choose to develop as: 1) performer 2) designer (lighting, sound, set, costume, puppets), or 3) performer and designer. Whichever option you choose, you can be sure to gather many invaluable skills, both theatrical and transferable, to expand your horizons.

Aiming for success: The written exam paper is designed to help you to realise your full potential. There is a variety of question styles, asking you to combine what you’ve learned about how drama is performed with your practical experience and imagination.

The course is assessed in three units that encompass a pupil’s ability to collaboratively devise original theatre, to understand, perform and evaluate published play texts, and to critically review live theatre. The new Drama GCSE specification, set to launch in September 2016, perfectly balances both artistic and academic sensibilities in order to provide our students with a well-rounded education in the subject.

Choosing GCSE Drama at Fred Longworth High School also provides an excellent platform from which to progress into A Level Drama and Theatre Studies, or BTEC Level 3, learning in further education.