60th Anniversary Celebrations

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Dear Parents and Carers,

Fred Longworth High School celebrates its 60th birthday this year. The anniversary of our official opening of the school falls on Thursday, 7th March and we intend to mark the occasion with a special assembly and themed non-uniform day on Friday, 8th March. Some parents may remember our 50th Birthday which was celebrated in a similar fashion, and which was a lovely occasion in school.

All students (and staff) are invited to take part in our theme day and each year group has been linked with a particular decade; Year 11 are linked with the 60s, Year 10 with the 70s, Year 9 with the 80s, Year 8 with the 90s and Year 7 with the “noughties”. Film and book characters, music and fashion are all suitable sources of inspiration. For further inspiration, we will circulate via our Social Media channels photographs from our 50th Birthday celebrations. Please look out for these.

Students are welcome to be creative and make up is allowed as long as it is part of a costume; normal rules about make up, hairstyles and colour will be back in place on Monday, 11th March, however, and students should take account of this when planning their costume. There will be prizes for the best costume in each year group and an overall school winner. If your child does not wish to take part in the fancy dress, we encourage them to wear something that corresponds to their year group colour (Year 7 Green, Year 8 Red, Year 9 Purple, Year 10 Blue and Year 11 Yellow or Gold).

Our special assembly will be a celebration of Fred Longworth talent and will feature student performances representing each of the last 6 decades. Lessons will run as normal during the day and the assembly will take place during period 5. The school day is expected to finish at the normal time, which after half term will be 3:00pm.

We will also be unveiling our updated school timeline which will be a feature on our new external Sports Hall Wall. The original timeline was first unveiled on our 50th Birthday and is still displayed on the Art Block. New additions to the timeline include references to our sporting heroes Keely Hodgkinson and Ella Toone, Chester – our first school dog, national events like the pandemic and the death of Queen Elizabeth II as well as, of course, the opening of the new school building.

We are all looking forward to seeing how students respond to the fancy dress challenge and I hope that this will contribute to a memorable and exciting day on 8th March.

Given that this has been such a momentous year for the school, we feel this will be the perfect occasion to not only celebrate our ‘birthday’ but also the move into our new building. We hope that all students take part in some way – whether by wearing something in their year group colours or by wearing fancy dress.

Yours sincerely,

Mr P Davies