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WisePay – Common questions

Please note that the organisation code for the School’s WisePay is 65699438.

Due to increased usage at the start of school terms WisePay’s systems may be slow to respond or not respond at all. This is a hosting/ bandwidth issue at WisePay, not School. We can only suggest that you try to access WisePay at a later time.

What is WisePay?

WisePay is a secure online school payments service, allowing parents and guardians to make cashless payments for school meals and trips. It is used by Fred Longworth High School.

How to access WisePay


If you are using an Android smartphone or tablet click here to download the dedicated app.

Apple iOS

If you are using an Apple iPad or iPhone click here to download the dedicated app.


If you are using a desktop computer or a laptop click here to visit the WisePay website login page.

Can I change my password?

You will need to log in for the first time using the User Name and Password given to you in your WisePay parental account details letter. However, after you have logged in you can change the password given  to one of your choice. To do this, please go to ‘Change Password’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

Please be aware that your email address becomes your User Name if you change your password.

Further support

To contact the school about user accounts or password resets please email our finance department: finance@flhs.wigan.sch.uk

For further information and support about WisePay please click here.

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