School Uniform Policy

We expect all students to wear the correct school uniform in the correct way. Students who arrive at school not wearing the correct uniform may be sent home to change.

  • Black blazer, with the school badge (compulsory)
  • A full length school tie with school badge visible, colour appropriate to year group
  • A plain white cotton school shirt or blouse (without motifs) that must be tucked in at all times and with the top button fastened
  • Approved black school trousers or skirt, these should be obtained from our suppliers and should have the school logo on and in the correct place
  • Approved skirts must be pleated and be a minimum length of 22 inches and be on or just below the knee
  • ‘V’ necked black jumper if desired (not to be worn as an alternative to the school blazer)
  • Plain black or white socks (no other colour or patterns are allowed) Plain black opaque tights must be worn with skirts.
  • Sensible black school shoes with black laces. Trainers or trainer style, canvas, high heeled shoes are not allowed.  Plain black boots are allowed – however boots may only be worn with trousers and trousers must cover the full length of the boots. ** Additional guidance on acceptable footwear is available by clicking here, (or as a PDF file )**
  • A plain warm showerproof outdoor coat (NO leather, denim jackets, sweat shirt ‘hoodies’ or cardigans to be used as top coats)

Non-school uniform days

Please could all students and parents be aware that on non-uniform days our expectations regarding personal appearance, make-up/jewellery are the same as any ‘normal’ day. We want students to enjoy these days, however our expectations for these days are:

  • No jewellery
  • No make up
  • No cropped tops
  • Correct PE kit to be worn

Students must adhere to these basic expectations for all non-uniform days, for these days to continue.

Uniform changes for September 2021

Year 7

From September 2021 all Y7 girls will be expected to wear either a new style pinafore dress or trousers. The new dress is very smart, and the price is similar to the current skirt. As result of the higher neckline on the new dress, we have also changed the tie to raise the height of the coloured strip. The new ties are Velcro fastened.

All other year groups

Given the current economic climate, we do not feel it is appropriate to insist that all other year groups switch to the pinafore dress or trousers straight away; however, all year groups will be expected to have the new tie from September 2021. 

From September 2021, the new dress will be gradually introduced throughout the academic year. As the girls grow out of their old skirts and need to replace them, the suppliers will only sell the new pinafore dress or trousers. By September 2022, we will expect all girls to be in the new dress (or trousers).

General Points

  1. Brightly coloured T-shirts should not be worn underneath shirts.
  2. Cosmetics and coloured nail polish should not be worn to school. This includes false nails.
  3. Extreme hairstyles in terms of colour and cut e.g. tramlines/patterns are not permitted. Braids must be the same colour as the hair and must be secured by bands of the same colour. Any hair bands or bobbles should be plain and of a sensible size.*
  4. Jewellery (including badges) other than a wrist watch is not permitted. Ears and other body parts should not be pierced if it means that sleeper/studs have to be worn during the school day.
  5. Mobile phones, iPods and MP3 players must not be seen or heard during school hours. If seen they will be confiscated until the end of the week. Students are permitted to use mobile phones at the end of the school day outside the school buildings.
  6. If students wear incorrect footwear without an appropriate medical reason they will be isolated at break and lunchtimes.

Students who arrive at school not wearing the correct school uniform may be sent home to change.

Additional Information

Information about our PE Uniform

List of required equipment for school

Contact details for our school uniform suppliers

Information about our PE Uniform

List of required equipment for school

Contact details for our school uniform suppliers