Be Open To A Range Of Ideas

Parents often have aspirations for their children – there is nothing wrong with this. It is important to share these views, and to explain why you hold them, but also to be prepared that your child may not share them.

The range of jobs available is growing all the time, but you can help your child by exposing them to as many different possibilities as you can by:

  • Searching online
  • Encouraging friends and family to discuss their own careers
  • Attending College/provider open evenings
  • Discussing the jobs of people you encounter during the day – e.g. bus driver, bank manager, teacher, doctor, supermarket manager, radio producer etc.

Sometimes you may feel that your child has unrealistic expectations. Ideally, all young people would pursue their perfect career. However, there’s no getting away from the fact that not every teenager will go on to be a pop star or professional footballer, even if that is their dream. Whilst you don’t want to stop your child from aiming high, we all have limits on what we can achieve, and in any case it is important to have a back-up-plan in case things don’t work out for any reason. Passions can also be pursued through hobbies as well as careers. Try to unpick the aspects of the dream career that particularly appeal and discuss how these aspects could apply to other jobs.