Encouraging Your Child To Seek Support

Support is available from a wide variety of places. There are websites listed here, some of which the school purchase access to in order to ensure our students are well informed – please feel free to use these with your child at home.

All students are provided with a 1:1 guidance meeting with a qualified careers adviser. For many students, this advice can be invaluable – as careers advisers have an extensive knowledge of the options available and are aware of the requirements for higher education and the jobs market.

At our ‘Next Steps’ conference in Year 10, careers advisers, college staff, employers and Fred Longworth alumni will be available to provide advice for our students. In addition, students can book an appointment with Mrs Russell in School at any time. Mrs Russell is based in the careers office (opposite M9), and is also available for parents to speak to at parents’ evenings for years 9 -11.