Final Arrangements for Year 11

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Dear Parent/Carer,

This letter is to keep you informed of the arrangements for Year 11 as they approach the end of their time here at Freddie’s. The last few weeks of school will be an intense period for the students, but this should also be a memorable and enjoyable time for your child as they approach the end of high school. It is important that we work together to ensure that they are fully prepared for the examinations, approaching the examination weeks with readiness and resilience. It is vital that your child continues to complete regular and effective revision at home, but also that they get the right amount of sleep before examinations – approximately 9 to 9.5 hours a night.


Throughout the duration of the examination period, students must wear full school uniform including shoes. They are required to bring all equipment for every exam, including calculators where applicable. We also advise that they leave extra time to arrive at school early when they have an exam so that they are as calm as possible. Please also be aware that your child needs to be available on Wednesday 26th June as this is the GCSE contingency day on which there could be an examination if any were cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Year 11 results will be issued on Thursday 22nd August here in school from 9:00am. Both students and their parents are invited into school to come and collect results.

As the examinations progress, you will receive regular updates from us via parent text to inform you of the exams coming up and equipment required.

The examination period can be a stressful time for students – and parents! Please remember that we are here to help – do email or contact us by phone if you have any concerns or questions, no matter how trivial you think they are. Often, a brief conversation with someone at school can put minds at rest. Please also help your child by encouraging them to plan their revision time carefully, and by making sure that they arrive for their examinations on time, in uniform and with the correct equipment

Arrangements for Study Leave and the Leavers’ Assembly

The main period of examinations begins on Thursday 9th May, two weeks prior to the May half term holiday. During this time, students will still be expected to attend school as normal; however, slight alterations have been made to their timetable. This is so that students can access short preparatory sessions immediately prior to each exam. These sessions help to calm nerves and focus the students just before they enter the exam hall.

Students will be released from school at 1pm on Friday 24th May following an important assembly with the Year 11 team. From this point, students will be following an alternative timetable. This will allow them access to revision lessons in school (or, in some cases, via Teams) as well as some time for private study at home. It is essential that students attend all scheduled revision classes in their full school uniform after the half term break to ensure they are fully prepared for the remaining examinations. Failure to do so could jeopardise your child’s place at the prom or attendance at the Leavers’ Assembly. Please see the attached timetable for the times of all pre-exam preparatory sessions.

From the 3rd June, our large canteen will be available as a quiet study space for Year 11 should your child wish to come into school and revise independently. Should any students abuse this facility and disrupt others who are using the canteen, they will be asked to leave, and parents will be informed. Staff are also still available at the times they would normally have been teaching their classes. At those times, students are welcome to come into school and work with their teachers if required. Once all of your child’s exams are complete, your child will no longer need to attend school. Again, students have been provided a copy of their examination timetables, and this is also available on the Year 11 page of our school website.

To mark the end of the year group’s five years together at Fred Longworth High School, we have arranged a special Leavers’ Assembly. This will take place in the main hall on Friday 21st June. Your child will need to arrive in school at their normal time for this occasion. They will spend some of the morning in their form groups followed by refreshments in the canteen, and then the assembly itself. As is the tradition here at Freddie’s, this special occasion will be ‘Best Dressed Day’ and the students will be allowed to attend school in smart clothes (their ‘best’ – with no trainers, beach wear, jeans or sportswear). During the day we will allow students to bring in an old school shirt to school for signing and will allow students to take photographs. When students leave the school site at approximately 12:30pm, we expect them to do so immediately and in a dignified manner. Other students will be working, and we do not want to have their lessons disturbed. The Leavers’ Assembly will be followed by the Leavers’ Prom on Friday 28th June.

Recycling Uniform

If you have old items of uniform or school shoes which are in good condition, please could you consider donating this to school so that we can help other families. If you are able to assist with this, please bring the items of uniform into school and leave it with our reception staff.

We wish all students good luck in their examinations. They have worked hard in school and deserve every success. We look forward to seeing them rewarded with excellent results on Thursday 22nd August. We would also like to thank all parents and carers for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,

Mr P Davies

Mrs J Brook
Head of Year 11

Mrs L Ward
Assistant Headteacher